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Barbara Carlson

About Barbara

Barbara Carlson is co-founder of the Putting Family First initiative in the Wayzata/Plymouth, MN area. With Dr. William Doherty, she co-authored the book on family balance titled "Putting Family First; Successful Strategies for Reclaiming Family Life in a Hurry-Up World".

Barbara received her degree in elementary education from Gustavus Adolphus College. She is the mother of four children who have provided her with over one hundred years of accumulated parenting experience! She has been a teacher, "professional room mother", service-learning coordinator and the Executive Director of a community wide initiative to build healthy communities and healthy youth. Barbara served as an Agency Resource Manager for a Fortune 500 company and was the co-producer of a video and curriculum on teen sexuality, Too Far Too Fast.

Barbara has done extensive work in the volunteer sector, always focusing on children and families. Consistent with her concern for families, she served on the board of TreeHouse, she is the past chair of the Park Nicollet Foundation Board, and past President of the Alumni Board at Gustavus College. Barbara gives frequent presentations on building assets for children, facilitating workshops on helping families find balance in their lives and challenging families and communities to build nurturing environments for all.



Most children love marshmallows.  In 1968, Walter Mischel at Stanford University devised an interesting experiment using a marshmallow.  David Walsh, Ph.D. recreated that experiment several years ago with WCCO TV in Minneapolis, MN.  What we can learn about our child's future success from from a marshmallow? Check it out!


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86,400...that is the number of seconds or moments that we are given each day. We are all given 86,400 moments, no one gets more and no one gets less. What REALLY matters is what we do with those moments!

We hear from children over and over that what they want, truly want, is TIME with Mom and Dad...not the latest toy or newest gadget, they want our TIME!


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